REEL FX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer

Used in stadiums and by many live production companies, such as Live Nation, the REEL FX DF-50 DMX Diffusion hazer is a patented, top-of-the-line hazer that gives any venue atmosphere, without the risk of setting off fire alarms.

Unlike fog machines, a haze machine, or hazer, produces a light mist of particles that are translucent and difficult to see under normal light. When the lights go down, haze really amplifies the beams of light, producing a cinematic, concert look on the dance floor. Haze can hang in the air for up to three hours.

The DF-50 uses a food grade, mineral oil blend fluid to produce the haze, so it's completely safe to inhale, won't irritate the throat or eyes of your guests, and doesn't leave behind any sort of residue.